Prediction of protein G-myristoylation sites.

SVMyr is a method for predicting protein G-myristoylation sites based on Support Vector Machines.

SVMyr predicts co-translational (N-terminal glycines) myristolation (MYR) sites in all eukaryotic species and post-translational (internal glycines) MYR sites in metazoan sequences.

For post-translational MYR prediction, SVMyr detects putative caspase cleavage sites followed by the prediction of MYR sites. Caspase-cleavage sites are detected by means of motifs derived from the Eukaryotic Linear Motifs (ELM) database.

Before submission, the user can choose to perform co-translational, post-translational or both MYR predictions. When post-translational mode is selected, the user can choose to adopt the validated Caspase3-7 motif only or all caspase motifs available in ELM (Caspase3-7 as well as three candidates motifs: Caspase 2, Caspase 6 and Caspase 9).

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