BUSCA (Bologna Unified Subcellular Component Annotator) is a web-server for predicting protein subcellular localization. BUSCA integrates different tools to predict localization-related protein features (DeepSig, TPpred3, PredGPI, BetAware and ENSEMBLE3.0) as well as tools for discriminating subcellular localization of both globular and membrane proteins (BaCelLo, MemLoci and SChloro).

For details see: Savojardo, C, Martelli, PL, Fariselli, P, Profiti, G, Casadio, R (2018) BUSCA: an integrative web server to predict subcellular localization of proteins. Nucleid Acids Research, 46(W1), W459-W466.

Prediction of subcellular localization

Prediction of protein features

BUSCA is able to predict:

  • 16 compartments for plant proteins
  • 9 compartments for animal or fungi proteins
  • 4 compartments for Gram-negative bacterial proteins
  • 3 compartments for Gram-positive bacterial proteins

BUSCA provides residue-level annotation of the following features:

  • Secretory signal peptides
  • Organelle-targeting peptides (mitochondrial and chloroplastic)
  • GPI-anchors
  • Alpha and beta transmembrane regions

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